Dean’s Welcome




Change is the process by which the future invades our lives,” Alvin Toffler wrote in “Future Shock,” his seminal 1970 book about rapidly occurring change.

When we launched the Morgan Global Journalism Review in the fall of 2013, it was a quarterly magazine. At that time, I politely boasted that it would be different from other journalism reviews because it was being produced entirely online. No trees would be killed in its making.

But that version of the MGJR proved to be not dramatically different from its paper predecessors. While it existed online only, there was little else that differentiated the first generation of the MGJR from a printed book. It had the look and structure of a newsstand publication.

And so, the first iteration of the MGJR, understandably, had a short existence.

With this version we are more accepting of the changes that have transformed online publishing – more willing to let it “invade our lives” and distance us from those about whom Toffler said, “the future arrived too soon.”

Led by Dr. Stacey Patton, a brilliant young writer and thinker (intellectual is too limiting an adjective), the MGJReditorial team has propelled our journalism review farther into the future than we initially imaged possible. By transforming it from an online PDF book, to an interactive website site, Dr. Patton stakes out a place for the MGJRthat will expand its appeal and bolster its readership.

In the first volume of the old quarterly version of the MGJR (Fall 2013), I said we wanted to use our journalism review to “encourage excellence and diversity in the coverage of news and offer those who trod across its pages a rich mix of global commentary and analysis from the perspective of people who for too long were not able to plead their own cause.”

In the new MGJR, this continues to be our goal. What’s changed is the way we’ll deliver to you the content that Dr. Patton and her team produces. What’s new is the ease with which you will be able to explore our retooled MGJR.
I hope you enjoy it.



DeWayne Wickham

Dean, School of Global Journalism & Communication
Morgan State University